The Story of a Photographer

“Why say it, if you can take a photo?” is what I live by with each click of my camera. I’ve always kind of been a passive communicator - a man of few words but with thousands and thousands of photos in my camera roll. My photography speaks for me as much as I hope it speaks for you. It is one of the things in my life, other than my family that I consider not only my purpose but a lifestyle. I enjoy capturing everything I can get my lens on, but I’m currently most focused on my clients’ needs in the areas of graduation photos, portraits, maternity, events, couples and commercial work.

I’ve been lucky enough to have people in my life who helped install values in me, and who have challenged me to always better myself. I’ve also had to learn the importance of working my ass off, from some of the hardest damn experiences. I’m grateful for that though, because the hustle has always lived with me. I put everything I can into my photography, with the expectation of my clients being able to recognize that as well. Whether I know you or not, as my client, you can expect me to care about you, to respect you, and to make sure you are completely comfortable throughout your photo session. You can expect to be treated professionally from beginning to end, to have fun, and an exceptionally quick turnaround time (between 1– 9 days on most occasions). Through photography, I am here to encourage and support you as we grow and accomplish our goals.

In 2007, my love for photography truly made its mark. I began attending street events and activist rallies (and still do), while learning so much about photography: How much I enjoy it, how to capture emotion in my photos, how to quickly be ready for the next shot, and how to keep significant events alive and well, even after everyone goes home. My goal as a photographer is to uniquely create memories for my clients. I want you to be able to share the photos I take of you to your friends and family in 30, 40, and even 50 years from now. I want you to be so fucking proud of the photos I take of you while always remembering your past in a positive light. I genuinely strive to live true to my motto of, “Capturing moments for you that will last forever.” So let’s go capture our moments and be rad in the process.

Devin Bovee




I created this guide to help you with some of the small and sometimes overlooked details. My biggest tips are to come relaxed, a few minutes early and please don't forget to eat something that day!



I am a firm believer in printing out your photos, don't wait for your social media to remind you of your special moments. Printing allows us to remember and pass along in a far more personal way.



He’s such a great photographer! He was very patient with us and he was also very nice! It was my friends and my first time having a photoshoot and we didn’t really know what poses to do or what to expect. From the moment we began our photoshoot to the end, Devin was very interactive and friendly. He recommended poses for us and the outcomes came out very natural and beautiful.

Our couples session with Devin was awesome. He made us feel comfortable and captured some amazing pictures. He gave directions for posing that ended up looking beautiful. I highly recommend him. Looking forward to booking more sessions with him!

Yes! Our session was so fun and professional! The pictures came out amazing. I can’t wait for our next session! He knew exactly what we wanted and was able to make our experience memorable.

Our session was great! He was super friendly throughout the shoot and was very fast at getting the photos back to us. His work is amazing and same goes for the quality of it. I would definitely recommend him to anyone of my friends or family members in the Fresno community.